Cathy Coëz

Peripheral Matters II
  1. Gille, painter

    Gille, painter

  2. Olivier,  interior designer

    Olivier, interior designer

  3. Anny, linguistic sounding-board

    Anny, linguistic sounding-board

  4. Éric, collector

    Éric, collector

  5. Kathryn, patron of the arts

    Kathryn, patron of the arts

  6. Isabelle, artistic project manager

    Isabelle, artistic project manager

  7. Abrami, crowdfunding backer

    Abrami, crowdfunding backer

  8. Hugues, coach

    Hugues, coach

  9. Christian, intermediary

    Christian, intermediary

  10. Bernadette, collector

    Bernadette, collector

  11. Anouk, crowdfunding backer

    Anouk, crowdfunding backer

  12. Hervé, crowdfunding backer

    Hervé, crowdfunding backer

  13. Diane, designer

    Diane, designer

  14. Thomas, proofreader

    Thomas, proofreader

  15. Ike, patron of the arts

    Ike, patron of the arts

  16. Tyler, managing editor

    Tyler, managing editor

  17. Laurent, bookseller

    Laurent, bookseller

  18. Robin, proofreader

    Robin, proofreader