Cathy Coëz

Peripheral Matters II
  1. Philippe, bookseller

    Philippe, bookseller

  2. Guillaume, first crowdfunding backer

    Guillaume, first crowdfunding backer

  3. Anne Marie, artist

    Anne Marie, artist

  4. Pascal, collector

    Pascal, collector

  5. Nicole, proofreader

    Nicole, proofreader

  6. Luc, design principal

    Luc, design principal

  7. Pia, intern

    Pia, intern

  8. Laurent, content broadcaster

    Laurent, content broadcaster

  9. Jacques, writer

    Jacques, writer

  10. Fabienne, craftswoman

    Fabienne, craftswoman

  11. Julie, curator

    Julie, curator

  12. Emmanuel, artist

    Emmanuel, artist

  13. Isabelle, everything

    Isabelle, everything

  14. Fabienne, head of book printer

    Fabienne, head of book printer

  15. Stephan, author

    Stephan, author

  16. Graziella, bookseller

    Graziella, bookseller

  17. Pauline, curator

    Pauline, curator

  18. Saskia, artist

    Saskia, artist