Cathy Coëz

Art works on War     Art works on Peace
Delights of War
  1. Mother and Child

    Mother and Child

  2. Accident I

    Accident I

  3. Accident II

    Accident II

  4. No Gun No funF

    No Gun No funF

  5. The Iconic Arm

    The Iconic Arm

  6. Holy Family

    Holy Family

  7. Smoke your Dick

    Smoke your Dick

  8. Instruments Without Notice

    Instruments Without Notice

  9. In Good Shape

    In Good Shape

  10. Blacked Out II

    Blacked Out II

  11. Blacked Out I

    Blacked Out I

  12. The Joke II

    The Joke II

  13. Diplomatic Move/Have a seat

    Diplomatic Move/Have a seat

  14. Barbaric Poetry

    Barbaric Poetry

  15. Anatomical Move

    Anatomical Move

  16. The joke I

    The joke I

  17. The Contest

    The Contest

  18. Big Boss

    Big Boss