Cathy Coëz

Dirty Charms

Anti poetry & anti sculpture in everyday life

  1. The Dickhead

    The Dickhead

  2. The Moron

    The Moron

  3. The Motherfucker

    The Motherfucker

  4. The Whore

    The Whore

  5. The Dumbass

    The Dumbass

  6. The Wanker

    The Wanker

  7. The Dyke

    The Dyke

  8. The Jurk

    The Jurk

  9. The Tramp

    The Tramp

  10. The Slut

    The Slut

  11. The Prick

    The Prick

  12. The Shithead

    The Shithead

  13. The Schmuck

    The Schmuck

  14. The Cunt

    The Cunt

  15. The Nigger

    The Nigger

  16. The Bastard

    The Bastard

  17. The Pussy

    The Pussy

  18. The Bitch

    The Bitch