Cathy Coëz

Dirty Charms

Anti poetry & anti sculpture in everyday life

  1. The Shylock

    The Shylock

  2. The Mongoloid

    The Mongoloid

  3. The Cuntboy

    The Cuntboy

  4. The Dickgirl

    The Dickgirl

  5. The Addict

    The Addict

  6. The Douchebag

    The Douchebag

  7. The Butthead

    The Butthead

  8. The Loser

    The Loser

  9. The Weirdo

    The Weirdo

  10. The Cocksucker

    The Cocksucker

  11. The Freak

    The Freak

  12. The Butch

    The Butch

  13. The Sicko

    The Sicko