Cathy Coëz

Dirty Charms

Anti poetry & anti sculpture in everyday life

  1. The Scumbag

    The Scumbag

  2. The Asshole

    The Asshole

  3. The Maniac

    The Maniac

  4. The Fag

    The Fag

  5. The Pedophile

    The Pedophile

  6. The Wimp

    The Wimp

  7. The Thug

    The Thug

  8. The Piece of Shit

    The Piece of Shit

  9. The Pain in the Ass

    The Pain in the Ass

  10. The Butchqueen

    The Butchqueen

  11. The Retard

    The Retard

  12. The White Trash

    The White Trash

  13. The Gringo

    The Gringo

  14. The Tranny

    The Tranny

  15. The Fish

    The Fish

  16. The Sissy

    The Sissy

  17. The Pimp

    The Pimp

  18. The Twink

    The Twink